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Creative Wondering

Sounds like a college course, doesn't it? 

You may have seen a couple posts about our subscription box launch and may be wondering, what's in the box? I'm not going to spill all the beans, but I will share a little about how I'm planning on theme-ing (should be a word if it isn't) and creating each box.

My first idea was to flatter (er, copy) the style of many successful subscription boxes for women and include a bunch of products to promote companies, share cool, new stuff, etc. But it didn't seem like I was really helping anyone who is Diabetic. I mean, sure new stuff is awesome, but if that's all it was. It wasn't cohesive and I'm sorta geeky about stuff like that. 

As a Type-1 Diabetic for 30 years, I'm becoming more aware that the chances of Diabetic complications are getting higher. I've been blessed with not having any serious complications and I'm thankful for that. I haven't been a perfect Diabetic, but I try. And that's all we really can do is try our best. If you fall down, get up. If you need a little break from being super strict, take a little break. 

Pretty-Betes is here to help you remember to do the little things that may encourage a healthier Diabetic lifestyle or at least remind you to pay attention! We accomplish this by including a luxurious item and regimen, some coordinating and fun accessories and I promise, no lancets. Unless you want some? I probably have enough that I could toss a couple in everyone's box...because who ever changes their lancets like you're supposed to? 

So you're still wondering...what's in the first box?

coffee is awesome

Hint #1: COFFEE!



Chief Type-1                                                                                  Pretty-Betes



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  • Great message, Kate. You inspire with your positive attitude!


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