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What's in the Box?

 Check out the Spoilers Below!

So far, we've shared the All Well and Good Coffee Rub that will infuse your skin with peppermint, avocado, coconut oil and get that circulation moving and help soften calluses. 

AWG Coffee Rub

Second in our collection is the suds! Bath & Body Mojito Lotion Stick. Lotion sticks are great because it is a targeted application of lotion instead of having to apply a goopy mess all over the place. All-natural oils absorb into your skin quickly and leave a refreshing but slight scent. This lotion works well for instant relief of dry heels and knuckles.  

suds! Bath & Body

In my opinion, these next items are the best part of this box. Beautiful, soft, warm, Alpaca knee socks! Alpaca fibers are 9x as warm as wool, without the itch. Some call them "Diabetic Socks" because of the non-binding knit and soft texture that won't irritate sensitive areas. The soles are super thick and cushioned. They also look so pretty when wearing with tall boots! 

Diabetic Alpaca knee socks

Have you guessed what our theme is yet for our introductory box? Comment below and correct answers will be entered into our drawing for a free box! 

We will keep updating you with all the wonderful items in this box! 

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