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I am so excited to announce that we will have the highly-anticipated, Diabetic Health Journal, created by Lauren Bongiorno!  

Diabetic Health Journal

The Diabetic Health Journal is an easy to use, action-oriented, mindful approach to improving diabetes management mind, body, and soul. 

This journal is a 3-month journal to help us carry on our care and focus on health between Dr. appointments. The process of writing and keeping track in this pretty little book forces us to slow down and focus on what is working and NOT working. This enables us to take an active part in our care and be able to work closer with our doctors and care-teams. 

If you didn't know, Lauren is a Diabetic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, and Wellness Speaker. She's also a Type-1 Diabetic. Lauren’s motto is as follows: through challenge we find our strength. It us up to us to Decide + Conquer.

If you aren't following her on Instagram, her words and crazy-strong yoga moves are pure inspiration. She also shares her struggles and successes as a Diabetic. Follower her @Lauren_Bongiorno  and follow the @Diabetichealthjournal 


I'm pretty sure that we will sell out of this box, so get yours while you can! 

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